"Massillon Ready To Read" Parent/Child Workshops

The Massillon Public Library is offering a free series of workshops on Saturdays, March 9 through April 6, to teach parents and caregivers how to help children learn skills that lead to reading and school success.  Research has shown that there are six literacy skills children need to have before they can begin to read, and five simple practices adults can use to instill these skills. Children who enter kindergarten with these early literacy abilities in place learn to read more easily and are more successful throughout their school careers.
The “Massillon Ready to Read” workshop series introduces the six skills and the five practices and explains why they are so important, gives examples of how to help children learn the skills, provides titles of high-interest books that are age appropriate, and sends parents and childcare providers home with fun early literacy activities they can incorporate into their daily routines.
The workshops are based on research about early brain development and how children learn. “As parents, grandparents, daycare workers, or even teenage babysitters read and talk to babies and children, they are helping those youngsters with reading readiness,” said Laura Klein, Children’s Services Manager.
The series will include:
•  March 9 - Adult Workshop 
   (children up to 6 years old may attend, but will play off to the side while parents and adults listen to the presentation)
•  March 16 - “Fun for Parents & Children” 
   (children should attend this and the rest of the sessions for a storytime-like presentation with tips and hands-on practice)
•  March 23 - “Fun with Letters”
•  March 30 - “Fun with Words”
•  April 6 - “Fun with Science & Math”
According to the Public Library Association and the Association for Library Services to Children (the divisions of the American Library Association that developed the “Every Child Ready to Read” programs), parents and other caregivers are in the best position to help young children learn these skills for a multitude of reasons:  young children have short attention spans, but parents and caregivers can engage children in language and literacy activities for short bits of time throughout the day; parents know their children best and can help them learn in ways and at times that are easiest for them; and adults are tremendous role models — children are more likely to want to read if they see that their parents and caregivers value and enjoy reading.
This free workshop series will be held on Saturdays, March 9 through April 6, from 10:45 to 11:30 a.m. at the Massillon Public Library.  It is open to adult and teen members of the public. Registration is required.  
This event is sponsored in part by One Tiger, Inc., a new local non-profit organization, and by the Sisters of Charity.  For more information or to register, contact Laura Klein at 330.832.5037 or email kleinla@massillonlibrary.org
The Massillon Public Library is located at 208 Lincoln Way East. The Second Street entrance is handicapped accessible.