Massillon Genealogical Society Presents "Amish and Genealogy"

On Wednesday, February 6, at 6:30 p.m., the Massillon Genealogical Society will present “Amish and Genealogy,” with guest presenter Maryellen Hawthorn.

To many of us, the Amish seem like a completely different culture living right in our community. However, in Stark County they shop at the same stores that we do and, sometimes, even share our schools. Yet, because of their deliberately distinct lifestyle, it is hard to imagine that there could actually be similarities between the Amish and the rest of our community.
The Amish place great value on family, community and church. And their worries about raising their children right and keeping them safe from the hazards of society are worries shared by many non-Amish. Still, the gap between the Amish and the English is not one easily bridged by either group. During this program, we will hear about some of the distinctions between varying Amish groups, why this people group immigrated to America, and how the one crucial key to researching the Amish is geography. 
Please join us for this free program to be held at the Lillian Beane Center, 1711-16th Street SE, in Massillon. No registration is required. 
The Massillon Genealogical Society welcomes the public to its meetings and programs. For more information, contact Jean Adkins at the Massillon Public Library 330-832-9831, ext. 337.